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Gamer may refer to any of the following:

Doom FPS (first-person shooter) computer game.

1. A gamer is a person who plays both offline and online video games, either casually or professionally, as an e-sports competitor. A gamer can also refer to someone who plays physical games (e.g., board games) as a hobby.

Some gamers play many titles, while others focus their efforts on a specific game. Gamers have many platforms to choose from, including computers and video game consoles, or portable devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

What is a professional gamer?

A pro gamer or professional gamer is someone making a living by playing computer games as an e-athlete who competes in e-sports.


Like other sports, becoming a professional gamer requires unique abilities and tremendous dedication. Many kids unrealistically believe they can become a pro gamer if they only spend a lot of time playing games, which isn't true.

How do I become a gamer?

It's tough to become a professional gamer, and you'll not become one by only playing a lot of games. Below are the steps required to become a professional gamer.

  1. Get the skill and reflexes required for the game through practice. If you cannot react fast enough regardless of how much you practice, consider a different game genre. Not everyone has fast enough reflexes for all types of games.
  2. Choose the right type of platform (e.g., console or PC). Today, many games are available for multiple platforms; practice on the platform other professional gamers use for your game.
  3. Create or join a team. If the game you play is team-based, you'll need to be part of a team to compete as a pro gamer in competitions.
  4. Compete against other teams and players. Most competitive games today have a leaderboard that ranks all of the players or teams in a game. Practice competing against other top players, and ensure you can rank at the top of these rankings. If you're unable to achieve a high ranking, you'll not be able to be a pro gamer.
  5. Focus only on the game you hope to compete as a pro gamer. You need to know everything about the game, including every map detail, weapon, item, character, class, etc. The game should no longer be played for fun; you should be playing the game to understand its mechanics to give you every competitive advantage possible.
  6. Upgrade your equipment. If you're playing on a PC, make sure you're using paying on a modern gaming computer with a fast and reliable Internet connection. Having a fast computer and Internet connection helps you compete against others online.
  7. Get sponsors. If you feel you meet all of the above steps and you're a top player, get sponsors to help fund your expenses. It takes time before you can compete in big enough competitions to fund your career without sponsors.

After reading the above steps, we hope you realize how difficult it can be to be a professional gamer. A more realistic goal for those who like to play games is to become a streamer or content creator.

2. When describing a magazine or website, PC Gamer is a popular source for computer gaming related news.

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