Gaming computer

Updated: 12/20/2017 by Computer Hope

A gaming computer may refer to any of the following:

Alienware desktop1. A gaming computer is a desktop that is often custom built for the purpose of increasing performance in modern computer games may require an increase graphical and processing power. One of the most significant differences between regular and gaming machines is video processing. Gaming computers have video cards with their own dedicated RAM, a GPU, and a cooling system, where a typical PC generally uses an on-board graphics controller.

Historically, the desire for high performance gaming computers has lead to the development of several commonly used hardware components in normal desktop computers today. Some examples include sound cards, network card, and video card.

Alienware laptop2. A gaming laptop is one used primarily for the purpose of playing computer games. Unlike conventional laptops, they have higher-end graphics card that is not integrated or designed to conserve battery power. One of the most popular brands of gaming laptops on the market currently is the Alienware laptop manufactured and owned by Dell Corporation.

Because of the limited space and the heat generated by high-end video cards and processors, a gaming laptop is never as good as a desktop gaming computer. We would only recommend a gaming laptop to those who frequently visit LAN parties or needs a performance machine that is easy to transport.

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