Updated: 10/04/2017 by Computer Hope

Garbage may refer to any of the following:

Text garbage

1. Information that has no significance and usually does not make sense. For example, garbage can be formed by pressing random keys on your keyboard. If you're opening a file and it appears to be garbage, like the example shown to the right, it's likely that the file is encrypted or formatted to be open in a specific program. For example, a .DOC file opened in Microsoft Word will look normal. However, if opened in a plain-text editor, like Notepad, it will appear as garbage.

2. The garbage is another name for the Microsoft Windows Recycling Bin or the Apple Trash.

3. Garbage is data that a software program stores in computer RAM (memory) that is no longer needed by that program. This garbage data is often removed through a process called garbage collection to free up memory space.

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