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A geek is an individual who enjoys a specific topic and spends most of their time learning about the topic or with others who share their interests. For example, a computer geek is anyone who frequently uses the computer in his or her free time rather than participating in any other activities.


While a Geek shares some similarities to a nerd or a hacker, they are not the same.

Types of geeks

The term "geek" also applies to more than someone who enjoys computers (computer geek). Below are other examples of geeks that enjoy other topics.


A geek could be applied to anyone who has an almost obsessive interest in a topic.

  • Auto geek and car geek - Someone who gets really into and enjoys cars.
  • Fashion geek - A person that knows all of the latest fashion trends, fashion jargon, and keeps track of fashion designers and models.
  • Film geek - Anyone with extensive knowledge of movies or TV, all of the actors, how they were made, where they were shot, and additional trivia most people wouldn't know.
  • Food geek - A person who is very familiar with the preparation of food, knows how to make lots of different recipes, and all of the special ingredients that most people wouldn't know.
  • Gamer geek - Anyone who enjoys games and knows a lot about them. A gamer geek could apply to computer games, console games, and even board games.
  • Internet geek - Someone very familiar with the Internet, web design, and everything dealing with the Internet but maybe not as familiar with computers.
  • Music geek - Any music enthusiast or an audiophile who enjoys music and knows a lot about how music is made, musical instruments, a particular genre, or singers.
  • Sports geek - Someone with a full understanding of one or more sports.
  • Uber geek - A person who is extra geeky. See our uber page for further information on this term.

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