Updated: 04/12/2021 by Computer Hope
Geofence on a mapped out on map.

A geofence is a digital "barrier" used to trigger events based on a user's real-world location. These areas can be as precise or as large as the developer chooses, ranging from small buildings to entire continents. When you are inside the boundary of a geofence with your smartphone, certain apps may detect your proximity and send you notifications or unlock exclusive features.


To use geofence features, location services need to be enabled on your device and for each app.

Uses of geofencing

  • Google Maps asks you to rate your experience, answer questions, or provide photos after you spend time at a specific location.
  • Apps owned by local stores or restaurants can send you discounts or offers if it detects you are shopping in the nearby vicinity.
  • Snapchat offers filters to its users when they are near popular landmarks, inside city's borders, or for custom events like weddings, should a user pay to create a temporary geofence filter.
  • Location-based AR (augmented reality) games, like Pokémon GO, use geofences to trigger exclusive in-game events in your area.

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