Google Translate

Updated: 09/03/2019 by Computer Hope
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Google provides a free service called Google Translate that allows users to translate text from one language to another. Users can copy text and paste it on the Google Translate page to quickly translate it.

Users can also select a document to translate or use a microphone to translate spoken words. Google Translate can also translate entire web pages.

The free translation tool is useful if you need to translate e-mails, documents, or other text-based communications. It can also be used as a quick way to determine the language of text.

Translating text with Google Translate

Language support

Google Translate services nearly 100 different languages. Users can choose the language from which to translate or select the "Detect Language" option.

Document types support

Document translation supports the following files types:

The resulting translated document is displayed in the Internet browser.

Translating a document with Google Translate

Voice input support

Text can be input for translation using your voice. Google Translate supports voice input using a microphone, with excellent recognition and accuracy of spoken words.


You must select a language to translate from before voice input can be utilized.

Translating spoken words with Google Translate

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