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Updated: 10/18/2022 by Computer Hope
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Google Wallet is a default app included with Android smartphones. It allows users to add funds and credit/debit cards to a digital wallet they can use to make purchases through various means, including tap-to-pay and online stores. In addition to payment methods, Google Wallet integrates with other services to add various digital "cards" to your wallet. These services includes tickets to live concerts and sporting events, public transit passes, digital car keys, gift cards and loyalty programs for restaurants and retailers.

Google Wallet offers excellent security for its users, including unauthorized purchase resolution and lost or stolen phone protection. Additionally, Google Wallet requires a PIN (personal identification number) or biometric for transactions and encrypts all payments.

How do I use the tap-to-pay feature for Google Wallet?

Tap-to-pay utilizes near-field communication, or NFC (near-field communication), to complete transactions wirelessly. Once you've added a payment source, hold your device near the payment terminal. You can authenticate with your fingerprint, face, PIN, or password if required.

The tap-to-pay feature is available from merchants that accept most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Google Wallet history

With the original release of Android Pay in 2015, Google Wallet's functionality was limited to web-based purchases in the Google Play store and select peer-to-peer payments.

Google Wallet and Android Pay were merged into the Google Pay app in 2018. Google Pay was used to store all payment methods and for peer-to-peer transactions, combining the features of both services.

In 2022, Google Wallet was reintroduced as the default contactless payment service. All card data from Google Pay was migrated to the Google Wallet app, and the tap-to-pay button in Google Pay redirects users to Google Wallet. Currently, Google Pay is only used for peer-to-peer and online payments.

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