Green PC

Updated: 07/06/2021 by Computer Hope
Green PC

Green PC is a nickname for a very efficient, environmentally friendly computer. The "green factor" of the machine depends on its power consumption, size, and materials from which it was constructed.

Green computing suggestions

  • Use computers and devices that comply with the Energy Star program.
  • Turn off the monitor, printer, and other devices when not in use.
  • If your computer is not running anything during the night, turn it off each night.
  • Smaller is better - Less material, less waste.
  • Multi-core processor - A computer with a multi-core processor utilizes cores as needed, conserving energy.
  • Enable power-saving modes - Turning on various power-saving modes, like automatic sleep or hibernate, reduces power usage when the computer is idle.
  • Efficient power supply - If you build a custom machine, look for an 80 Plus certified power supply.
  • Use LCD (liquid-crystal display) or other flat-panel displays instead of CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors.
  • Always try to operate paperlessly and recycle the paper you do use.
  • Recycle inkjet and toner printer cartridges, batteries, and any other recyclable electronics.
  • If an option, telecommute to your work as much as possible.

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