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A hash may refer to any of the following:

hash definition1. When referring to Perl, a hash is an associative array. In Perl, hashes are represented with the prefix %. They contain a listing of keys and values. Below is an example of a basic Perl hash.

my %hope = ("hardware", "Monitor", "software", "office");
print "Hardware hash = $hope{hardware}\n";

In the above example, the program sets the hash table and then prints the hardware hash, which is equal to the next element in the hash. Therefore, the program would print "Hardware hash = Monitor" on the command line.

2. A hash is also another word for octothorpe ( # ).

3. Linux command; see the hash command page for additional information about this command. See the bash hash command page for information about hash in bash.

4. When referring to a database or encryption, see our hashing definition for further information on these terms.

5. FTP command that turns on/off the displaying of a hash mark ( # ) for each 1,024 bytes of data received when getting a file. See the how to use FTP help page for information about hash and other FTP commands.

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