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A hash may refer to any of the following:

hash symbol

1. With Perl, a hash is an associative array. In Perl, hashes are represented with the prefix %. They contain a listing of keys and values. Below is an example of a basic Perl hash.

my %hope = ("hardware", "Monitor", "software", "office");
print "Hardware hash = $hope{hardware}\n";

In the above example, the program sets the hash table and then prints the hardware hash, which equals the next hash element. Therefore, the program would print "Hardware hash = Monitor" on the command line.

2. A hash is also another word for octothorpe ( # ).

3. Linux command; see the hash command page for additional information about this command. See the bash hash command page for information about hash in bash.

4. With a database or encryption, see our hashing definition for further information on these terms.

5. FTP command that turns on/off the displaying of a hash mark ( # ) for each 1,024 bytes of data received when getting a file.

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