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Hi is a short way of saying hello or otherwise greeting a person online, in chat, or in real life. Below is an example of how this could be used in chat.

User1: hi
User2: Hi
User1: How are you today?
User2: Good thanks. :)

Different ways of saying hi

Below is a short list of other greetings commonly used in chat as well as similar greetings in non-English languages.

Buenas (Spanish).
ciao (Italian).
davs (Danish).
Ello (English -slang).
Greetings (English).
hall dr (Swedish).
hallo (Dutch and German).
hej (Swedish).
hoi (Dutch).
hj (Danish).
hov (Danish).
hallj (Danish).
Hello (English).
Hey (English).
Hi (English).
Howdy (English).
Hola (Spanish).
привет (Russian).
Oi (Portuguese).
Salut (French).
Salutations (English).
Salute (French).
Sup (English slang).
Wazup (English slang)
Wasup (English slang).
ψιτ (Greek).
γεια (Greek).
Yo (English).
הלו (Hebrew).
美國夏威夷州簡稱 (Chinese).
おい (Japanese).
やあ (Japanese).
야!, 안녕하세요! (Korean).
여어! (Korean)

Chat terms, Hello World, HELO