Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Home may refer to any of the following:

Home1. On a computer network, home refers to a directory where information about the user is stored or where a user can place files on a network. Typically in this context, home is more commonly referred to as the home directory.

2. On the Internet, home could refer to the main page of a site, more commonly known as the homepage. To get to the homepage click the home button in your Internet browser.

3. On an Apple iPhone, the home button is a circular button found at the bottom center of the front of the Apple iPhone. The term "home button" is also used with other smartphones and tablet devices.

4. When referring to on-screen text, home refers to the upper-left of the screen.

5. Home is a key on a computer keyboard. See the home key definition for further information about this key.

6. When referring to a computer a home computer is any computer that is not that expensive and meant to run basic programs such as e-mail and word processing. See our computer definition for further information and related links and information about all computers.

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