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Home may refer to any of the following:

Home buttons

1. On the Internet, home could refer to the main page of a site, commonly known as the homepage. To get to the homepage, click the home button in your Internet browser.

In most Internet browsers, the home button is located to the left of the address bar and resembles a house drawing.


In the Google Chrome browser, the home button is hidden by default. To enable it, click Menu Chrome Menu Icon in the top-right corner of the screen and select Settings. Click Appearance in the left menu, then click the toggle for the Show home button option.

Android home button

2. The home button was introduced with the Apple iPhone as a circular button on the front bottom center. Today, the term "home button" is used with all smartphones and tablet devices with a front center button.


Most smartphone manufacturers have removed home buttons from their devices, favoring digital home "buttons" or gestures, as pictured, to increase the screen size.

Home directory

3. On a computer network, home refers to a directory where information about the user is stored or where a user saves their files. In this context, home is often called the home directory.

4. With on-screen text, home refers to the upper-left of the screen.

5. Home is a key on a computer keyboard. See the Home key page for further information about this key.

6. Home computer usually refers to a mid-range desktop computer intended to be used in the user's home.

7. With a location, a home or WFH (Work From Home) is where someone lives and where they sleep. Today, a home may also be where someone works with jobs that allow workers to work remotely using a computer.

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