HTML <bdi> tag

Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
HTML bdi tag

When writing in HTML, the <bdi> tag is an inline element used to encapsulate text printed in a different direction than the rest of the page. For instance, the Arabic language is written right-to-left. If Arabic text is to be included in an English language page, the bdi element helps the web browser render the Arabic text correctly. It's also useful if the direction of the text is unknown, or variable. An example of text with an unknown direction is text input by a user, or loaded dynamically from a database.

The acronym bdi is short for "bidirectional isolation."


Within an HTML tag, an attribute dictates certain aspects of an HTML element. Attributes are made up of a name and value pair. While the <bdi> tag does not have any unique attributes, it does utilize all of the standard attributes.


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