Updated: 10/11/2017 by Computer Hope

HypertextA method of organizing and accessing text or other data, such as tables, presentational content and images, through the use of hyperlinks. Today, anyone who has been on the Internet is familiar with hypertext as it is in every link they click or tap on their screen.

Hypertext is a concept that was mentioned in a 1945 Atlantic Monthly article by Vannevar Bush. In the article, he hypothesized a photo-electric mechanical device called a Memex (for "memory extension") that could create and follow links between microfiche documents.

This concept was later coined by Ted Nelson in 1965 who worked for and with Andries van Dam at Brown University. Andries, with the help of Ted and other Brown University students, created a Hypertext Editing System (HES). However, the first public display of hypertext was by Douglas Engelbart on December 9, 1968 at The Mother of All Demos.

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