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An iBook may refer to any of the following:

1. iBooks is an Apple iOS application released with the iPad in January 2010. It can read ePUB and PDF (Portable Document Format) content such as books and magazines. The iBooks app is free from the App store for earlier devices that do not have iBooks pre-installed. For newer versions of iPhones and iPads, the iBook app is included. Once iBook is open, you can download free books or paid books at various prices starting at $1.99.

2. An iBook is a discontinued series of laptops released by Apple on July 21, 1999. During its lifespan, three different iBook models were released; one of the most memorable models was the"Clamshell" version, shown below.

Original iBook specifications

The first iBook had the following specifications:

Apple iBook clamshell model

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