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Released in 1992, iCOMP is short for Intel comparative microprocessor performance. It is an overall rating system that originally combined five benchmarks: CPUmark32, Norton SI-32, SPECint_base95, SPECfp_base95, and the Intel Media Benchmark. This system is utilized to give users a better overall rating and comparison of computer processors.

Additional history

iCOMP was updated twice with the introduction of iCOMP 2.0 and iCOMP 3.0. The last version of iCOMP used six benchmarks: WinTune 98, CPUmark 99, 3D WinBench 99, MultimediaMark 99, Jmark 2.0, and WinBench 99-FPU WinMark. These benchmarks were added to help give a better rating of the Intel Pentium 3 processors that included additional graphic and sound instructions.

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