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ICU may refer to any of the following:

icu definition

1. Short for instruction cache unit, ICU is used in the IBM POWER2 processor that helps reduce processing time.

2. Short for interface converter unit, ICU is a conversion device capable of transferring data from one device to another device. For example, converting data from a modem to a satellite terminal.

3. Shorthand for I see you or I saw you, ICU is a term sometimes used in chat.

4. Short for ISA configuration utility, ICU is a software utility that allows a user to configure non-Plug-and-Play ISA and PCI devices. If you are trying to find a download for this type of software, we recommend you contact your computer manufacturer.

5. Short for interactive chart utility, ICU is a software program that allows users to create charts, diagrams, graphs, and plots that are interactive.

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