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IDS may refer to any of the following:

intrusion detection system

1. Short for intrusion detection system, IDS is a security measure that notifies an administrator when a system policy is being violated. Such violations may include the unauthorized opening of a hardware device, or a network resource used without permission. For example, a corporate computer may be equipped with an IDS system that sounds an alarm and alerts the IT (information technology) staff. IDS is helpful for companies concerned about employees opening a computer and stealing internal components such as RAM (random-access memory) or installing something in the computer without authorization.

2. Short for intrusion detection software, IDS is software used by large organizations to help automatically identify possible security breaches on their networks. Intrusion detection software works by analyzing all network traffic, watch for known vulnerabilities, and look for unusual patterns. When the software locates anything suspicious, the network administrators are notified.

Because this software requires extensive knowledge of computer networks and is expensive, they're not used on personal computers.

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