Updated: 12/30/2021 by Computer Hope

Infotainment may refer to either of the following

1. A portmanteau of the words "information" and "entertainment," infotainment refers to anything that educates and informs people, sometimes at the same time. Infotainment can refer to many types of content, like games teaching children concepts including math and spelling, and documentaries teaching viewers about the world in an entertaining way.

With so much online content available today, the line between information and entertainment can sometimes be blurry. Websites like Twitter are home to thousands of excellent news sources and information, but also allow anyone to provide commentary, which invites memes and parodies. Whether a platform is used to entertain, inform, or something between that, is often completely up to the user.

2. Infotainment may also refer to a vehicle's central media system that handles music, navigation, and other tasks. For more information, visit our infotainment system page.

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