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An interjection is a word or expression independent of other words around it and expresses a feeling or reaction. For example, in the sentence "Hurray! My computer is working again." the word "hurray" is the interjection.

What are 20 interjection examples?

Below are 20 different examples of words that are interjections. These are only a few of the interjections used in the English language.

  1. alas
  2. bravo
  3. congratulations
  4. good
  5. hello
  1. hey
  2. hi
  3. hmm
  4. hurray
  5. listen
  1. look
  2. no
  3. oh
  4. ouch
  5. well
  1. what
  2. wow
  3. yeah
  4. yes
  5. yikes

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