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Keypad may refer to any of the following:

1. With a computer keyboard, a keypad is another name for the numeric keypad. See our numeric keypad page for full information about this portion of the keyboard.

2. The keypad is a section on a smartphone where users dial a phone number to place a call. The keypad has numbers 0 through 9, plus the asterisk and hash symbols like a traditional telephone. The following image shows an example of the keypad on an iPhone.

Keypad on an iPhone

Does the keypad have letters?

There are no letters on a phone keypad. However, the numbers can represent one of the three or four letters found beneath the number. For example, the number 2 can be "A," "B," or "C." Below are each of the phone keypad numbers and the numbers they represent.

1 = None
2 = A, B, and C
3 = D, E, and F
4 = G, H, and I
5 = J, K, and L
6 = M, N, and O
7 = P, Q, R, and S
8 = T, U, and V
9 = W, X, Y, and Z
0 = +

Using this keypad you could write "COMPUTERHOPE" by entering the numbers "266788374673."


Use our Text Conversion Tool to converted any text into keypad keys and other formats.

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