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1337 aka leet

Alternatively called hakspeak and elite speak, leetspeak is a communications where a user replaces letters with numbers or other characters. For example, leet in leetspeak would become 1337. Below is our basic conversion tool to change any text into leetspeak. Realize there are hundreds of different ways that someone may speak leet. For instance, someone may use 5 or a $ to represent the letter "S." Below lists common characters used in leetspeak for each letter of the alphabet.

Letter Leet
A 4
B 8 or 13 or |3
C (
D [)
E 3
F |=
G 6 or 9
H |-|
I 1 or |
J .]
K |<
L |_ or 1
M |Y|
N /V
O 0
P |>
Q 0,
R |2
S 5 or $
T 7
U [_]
W \V/
X }{
Y '/
Z 2

Use the conversion tool below to convert text to leet, upside down text, binary, and more.

Conversion tool

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