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long term evolutionLong-Term Evolution, or LTE, is a mobile phone network found in many countries around the world. More commonly called 4G LTE, it is a standard for wireless communications of data, primary for mobile phones, but also for mobile hotspots used by laptops and tablets. LTE increases the speed and capacity of the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA networks, upon which it is based.

Additional LTE information

NTT DOCOMO first proposed the LTE technology in 2004 and research into the technology began in 2005. In December 2009, the first LTE service was made available by TeliaSonera in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden. As of 2013, South Korea had the largest penetration of LTE service at 62%, with Japan and Australia around 21% penetration and the United States at 19%.

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