Markup language

Updated: 10/11/2017 by Computer Hope

markup languageA computer language that consists of easily understood keywords, names, or tags that help format the overall view of a page and the data it contains. Some examples of a markup language are BBC, HTML, SGML, and XML.

Markup language example

Below is an example segment of HTML code that creates bold text on a web page.

Example of <b>bold</b> in HTML.

As can be seen in the example above,the <b> tag is just one of many HTML tags that can be used in HTML to change the look of the page. Below is an example of the output.

Example of bold in HTML.

Markup language vs. programming language

A markup language is not a programming language it is a series of keywords, names, and tags that are used to help present information. A programming language cannot only present information, but also accept and load new data, manipulate the data, and control how the information is presented.

A good example of how markup language is used is the HTML that is used to display the text on this web page. However, to do something more sophisticated, such as a search for keywords on this page and other pages, a programming language would have to be used.

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