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Short for Managed Beans, MBeans are objects in Java. Mbean gives the programmer access to management tools for system objects, devices, and application monitoring and management, and allow other tasks to be executed.

Types of MBeans

There are numerous types of MBean, the two basic types are standard and dynamic, while others build on these.

  • Standard MBeans set up a management interface using methods.
  • Dynamic MBeans set up the management interface at runtime and use javax.management.DynamicMBean.
  • A MXBean (also called Platform MBean) is a special MBean that uses only a set of predefined data types, allowing applications to more easily work cross-platform.
  • A MLet (short for Management applet) is a MBean that loads and registers MBeans from an XML description file.
  • Open MBeans are dynamic MBeans that make use basic data types to be more portable.
  • Model MBeans are dynamic MBeans that can be set up at runtime.

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