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Mebibyte in white lettering on black background.

A mebibyte, or MiB, is 220 and is equal to 1,048,576 bytes.

Mebibyte vs. other data measurements

Mebibyte (MiB) Value
Mebibyte in a Bit (b) 1.192037192e-07
Mebibyte in a Nibble (N) 0.000000476837158203125
Mebibyte in a Byte (B) 0.00000095367431640625
Mebibyte in a Kilobit (Kb) 0.0001192092611
Mebibyte in a Kilobyte (KB) 0.0009536706784
Mebibyte in a Kibibit (Kib) 0.0001220703125
Mebibyte in a Kibibyte (KiB) 0.0009765625
Mebibyte in a Megabit (Mb) 0.119209
Mebibyte in a Megabyte (MB) 0.953674
Mebibyte in a Mebibit (Mib) 0.125
Mebibyte in a Mebibyte (MiB) 1
Mebibytes in a Gigabit (Gb) 119.209
Mebibytes in a Gigabyte (GB) 953.674
Mebibytes in a Gibibit (Gib) 128
Mebibytes in a Gibibyte (GiB) 1,024
Mebibytes in a Terabit (Tb) 119,209
Mebibytes in a Terabyte (TB) 953,674
Mebibytes in a Tebibit (Tib) 131,072
Mebibytes in a Tebibyte (TiB) 1,049,000
Mebibytes in a Petabit (Pb) 119,200,000
Mebibytes in a Petabyte (PB) 953,700,000
Mebibytes in a Pebibit (Pib) 134,200,000
Mebibytes in a Pebibyte (PiB) 1,074,000,000
Mebibytes in an Exabit (Eb) 119,209,290,000
Mebibytes in an Exabyte (EB) 953,674,316,000
Mebibytes in an Exbibit (Eib) 137,438,953,472
Mebibytes in an Exbibyte (EiB) 1,099,511,627,776
Mebibytes in a Zettabyte (ZB) 953,674,316,000,000
Mebibytes in a Yottabyte (YB) 953,674,316,000,000,000

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