Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope

Alternatively referred to as the file menu, a menu is a list of commands or choices offered to the user through the menu bar. Menus are commonly used in GUI operating systems and allow a user to access various options the software program is capable of performing. File menus are commonly accessed using the computer mouse; however, may also sometimes be accessed using shortcuts or the keyboard. Below is a visual example of what a menu may look like in a GUI environment.


Tip: Press the Alt key or F10 function key any time you want to open the file menu in any Windows program with a File menu.

Note: To help keep the interface clean many new programs are hiding the file menu or putting the file menu in a hamburger menu. To show the file menu press the Alt key on the keyboard.

Tip: Sometimes the file menu is also referred to as the file, edit, view menu because these are almost always the first three options in a drop-down menu system.

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