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Monetization is the act of acquiring financial gain from an activity or published work. In general, to monetize an activity means to get paid to do something you enjoy.

For example, a YouTuber might enjoy making videos about woodworking. If they want to monetize the YouTube channel, they can try to cultivate a following of loyal viewers by making the videos entertaining and informative.

The channel owner may then receive payments from YouTube based on total subscribers, advertisements viewed, etc. The woodworker can monetize their experience and knowledge by sharing it with others on YouTube.

Monetization on the Internet

The following are some other examples of how Internet services are monetized by businesses and individuals.

  • Using platforms, such as Google AdSense, a website owner or blogger can include advertising with their web content, and receive payments based on impressions and clickthroughs.
  • Software developers can publish mobile apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The developer can charge money for the app, or distribute it for free and support it with in-game advertising and in-app purchases.
  • Gamers can broadcast their gameplay on platforms such as Twitch to viewers all over the world. Viewers can support the streamer financially if they subscribe to a channel, give Twitch Bits, or donate using a third-party service such as Streamlabs.

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