Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

multimedia personal computerShort for Multimedia Personal Computer, the MPC was developed in 1990 and is any computer that is capable of running programs that combine video, animation, audio, and graphics. In 1992, Radio Shack released the M2500 XL/2 and M4020 SX computers, the first personal computers based upon the MPC specification. There are three MPC standards MPC, MPC2, and MPC3. Below are the requirements of MPC2 and MPC3.


Intel 486SX 25 MHz processor
4 MB of RAM
VGA Display
2x CD-ROM drive


Intel Pentium 75 MHz processor
540 MB Hard Drive
4X CD-ROM drive
MPEG Support

Today, all new computers with a sound card and video card are MPC compliant.

Sound terms, Video terms