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nbsp or non-breaking spaceAlternatively referred to as a fixed space or hard space, NBSP (non-breaking space) is used in programming, and word processing to create a space in a line that cannot be broken by word wrap. With HTML,   allows you to create multiple spaces that are visible on a web page and not only in the source code.

Creating a fixed space in a word processor and other programs

To create a fixed or hard space in a word processor such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, use one of the keyboard shortcuts below.

Windows users: Ctrl+Alt+Space, Ctrl+Space or hold down Alt and press 0160 or 255 on the num pad.
Apple users: Option+Space.
Microsoft Word: Ctrl+Shift+Space.
WordPerfect and OpenOffice: Ctrl+Space.
OpenOffice: Ctrl+Space (before 3.0) or Ctrl+Shift+Space (after 3.0).
Vim: Ctrl+K, Space, Space or Ctrl+K Shift+N Shift+S.

Creating a NBSP in HTML

An example of how a user may insert a NBSP in HTML would be by adding the below extended HTML tag.




With the examples above, using this tag would allow you to create multiple spaces in a row, something that cannot be done by only pressing the spacebar. To create multiple spaces, add one of the above non-breaking space tags for each time you want an extra space. For example, if you wanted ten extra spaces in front of text you could add ten of these tags.

Tip: If you need to indent or add extra spacing to a paragraph, sentence, or another portion of your web page, we suggest using CSS instead of multiple non-breaking spaces. You can also use the <pre> tag.

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