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Novell NetWare logo

A portmanteau of network and software, NetWare is a network operating system introduced in 1983, produced by Novell. Novell NetWare was the first LAN (local area network) software based on file server technology, running on both Ethernet and IBM Token Ring networks. NetWare can be used on various desktop operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, DOS, IBM OS/2, and Unix.

The operating system's biggest update came about with version 4.0, introducing NDS (NetWare Directory Services), the GroupWise e-mail system, ZENworks application configuration tools, and BorderManager for security.

Despite its initial success, by the early 2000s, Microsoft had taken a large share of NetWare's customer base. Due to this fact and the desire to move to a linux-based kernel, NetWare was officially discontinued in May 2009.

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