Updated: 09/03/2019 by Computer Hope

New may refer to any of the following:

1. In general, new is a term that describes anything created that did not exist before. For example, you can see our what's new page for a listing of recent updates and pages created on Computer Hope.

Creating something new on a computer

The following list contains links to pages on our site on how to create something new on a computer.


In almost all programs using the Ctrl+N shortcut creates a new document or another file.

New to the computer

New may also be used to describe a product that has never been used by another person. Products that have been returned to a company, such as a computer, are sold as used or refurbished.

3. New describes the process of discovering or learning something that you did not know before. For example, if you're new to computers, we have many resources that can help teach you how to use them. Even if you're an experienced user, you can see our tips to learn new ways of doing something on a computer.

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