Nitro Type

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Nitro Type

Nitro Type is a free online game created by Austin Butler from that was first launched on September 8, 2011, and later released from beta in January 2012. Nitro Type helps make practicing typing on a keyboard fun by competing against other players over the Internet in real time. In Nitro Type, you play as a race car that can only move when you correctly type the text displayed. Below is a video of a Nitro Type race and an example of how you compete against other players.

Upon completing a race, you are rewarded experience and Nitro Cash (money), depending on how well you do in the race (your place, WPM, and accuracy). The experience you gain levels your racer and lets you earn unique season rewards. The Nitro Cash you earn lets you purchase new cars, trails, stickers, and titles that you can customize in your garage.

In addition to racing to earn new loot and Nitro Cash, you can friend other racers and race against them, join a team, and complete achievements.

How to race in Nitro Type

When starting a Nitro Type race, you have a few seconds to get situated and use stickers to communicate with other racers. Once the race counts down and says "GO," you must type the text exactly as shown in the bottom-center box. If you make a mistake while typing, a red indicator is shown. To correct the error, you do not need to press the Backspace key; instead, type the correct character. For example, if the word you needed to type was "Example" and you typed a lowercase "e," the "E" would be highlighted in red. To correct the problem, type an uppercase "E" and continue with the rest of the word.


The number of words you type in each race depends on your average WPM (words per minute).

What are Nitros?

While racing in Nitro Type, the racer can press Enter to use the one Nitro they're given each race. When Enter is pressed, the racer skips past the current word. The Nitro allows the racer to skip long words and complete races faster.

Why do I lose if I have a higher WPM or Acc?

Nitro Type only looks at the total time it took to complete the race to determine the winner. The WPM and the accuracy do not determine the winner.

How do I lose if we tie?

As shown in the following picture, you both can have the same time but still lose the match. When this happens, you lost/won by a thousandth of a second, which is not shown in the results.

Nitro Type win and loss with the same time.

Why did I get a disqualification?

When racing, you may get disqualified if any of the following happen.

  1. You lose your Internet connection.
  2. The Internet connection between your computer and the server is interrupted.
  3. The game detects no typing.
  4. Other game glitches.

Nitro Type racing tips

Below are tips you can follow when racing in Nitro Type.

  • Keep your eyes on the screen.
  • Always focus on your accuracy before your WPM.
  • Look for the longest or most difficult words before the race starts, and save your Nitro for those words.
  • Focus on the words you're typing and ignore the race cars and your race position.
  • Mute the sound effects and music played in Nitro Type and use your music. To mute these settings, click the icons in the top-left corner of the race window.

For a complete list of how you can improve your typing everywhere, see: How to improve your typing.

What is the garage?

Your garage stores your cars and other loot gained from racing in Nitro Type and is part of what's displayed in your profile (example profile). From your garage, click the "Customize Cars & Loot" button to choose what car to use, paint the car a different color, choose a trail, select your stickers, and change your title.

What are trails?

Trails became available to all players on April 18, 2021, allowing racers to show an animation behind their car. For example, a car can show a binary trail of 0's and 1's behind their car.

Nitro Type waving hand sticker

What are stickers?

Because there's no chatting in Nitro Type, stickers offer a method of communication before a race starts. For example, the "Hey!" sticker is of a waving hand and could be used to wave to other players if equipped. You can equip up to eight stickers from your garage and use them by pressing the numbers 1 through 8 on the keyboard.

What are titles?

Titles are messages that are displayed beneath the player's display name. These titles are awarded as part of season awards and achievements. For example, a player with the "Keyboard Cat" title has completed the "Keyboard Cat" achievement of racing 400 times in a single session.

What is a session?

A session is the number of races a player does without stopping for more than 30 minutes.

Can I run out of space in the garage?

No. As you get more cars, the available spaces in your garage grow.

What is Nitro Cash?

Nitro Cash used in the game Nitro Type

Nitro Cash is the digital currency used in Nitro Type. Nitro Cash is earned by racing other players, season rewards, and team rewards offered by teammates. With this cash, you can buy featured and daily items posted in the shop and trade with other players.

What is the most cash a racer can have?

The maximum amount of Nitro Cash a racer can have in Nitro Type is $4,294,967,295. This value is the maximum UInt32 value.

What are the Nitro Cash limits?

There are limits to how much Nitro Cash you can send to others. By default, each player can only send other players up to $10,000,000 Nitro Cash in a 7-day period. On a team, you can send up to $50,000,000 Nitro Cash to other teammates in a 7-day period to help with competitions.


If you're a Nitro Type influencer or post content about Nitro Type on a social media site like YouTube, you can make a support request to remove these limits to help with big competitions.

What are bots in Nitro Type?

While racing in Nitro Type, you race against real players and bots (NPCs). These bots are part of Nitro Type and appear if no real players join the race and compete at a speed close to your average WPM. A bot can be distinguished from a real player by looking at the racer's titles in the race result. Each bot (other than The Wampus) has the title "Nitro Type Bot."

What is The Wampus?

The Wampus bot randomly appears and gives you $50,000 Nitro Cash if you beat him in a race.


The Wampus is random and cannot be spawned or join friend games.

What are the names of the other bots?

Below are each of the 34 bots (NPC) you may encounter while racing on Nitro Type. Next to each bot name in this list is where the name derives. If the bot has a link, it is further explained on Computer Hope.

  • Alexa (digital assistant from Amazon)
  • Baymax (from the Big Hero 6 animated film)
  • BB-8 (robot from the Star Wars franchise)
  • Bender (from the Futurama television show)
  • Big Blue (another name for IBM)
  • Bishop (from the android Bishop 341-B in Alien)
  • B.R.A.I.N. (from the Teen Titans TV show)
  • C-3PO (robot from the Star Wars franchise)
  • Chappie (from the Chappie movie)
  • ChatGPT (chatbot from OpenAI)
  • Cortana (digital assistant from Microsoft)
  • Data (name of a character in Star Trek)
  • Dot Matrix (reference to the creation of an image, text, and symbols with dots)
  • ED-209 (name of the robot in the RoboCop movie)
  • GLaDOS (robot in the Portal games)
  • Gort (robot in The Day the Earth Stood Still movie)
  • Hal (named after the AI (artificial intelligence) called HAL 9000 in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey)
  • J.A.R.V.I.S. (AI in Marvel movies)
  • Johnny 5 (name given to a robot in the movie Short Circuit)
  • Kit (AI in the car in the Knight Rider TV show)
  • M3GAN (name of the child bot in the M3GAN movie)
  • Mega Man (robot in the Mega Man video games)
  • Midjourney (name of the AI art Discord bot)
  • Optimus Prime (robot in the Transformers franchise)
  • R2-D2 (robot from the Star Wars franchise)
  • RX-78 (robot in the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise)
  • Samantha (AI in the Her movie)
  • Servo (robot in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 show)
  • Siri (digital assistant from Apple)
  • Soundwave (robot in the Transformers franchise)
  • T-800 (model name of the cyborg in the Terminator movies)
  • The Iron Giant (from The Iron Giant animated series)
  • Voltron (robot in the Voltron animated series)
  • The Wampus (from Nitro Type)

What are seasons?

Seasons replaced Events in 2019 and are competitions for one to four months that reward racers with unique cars, cash, stickers, trails, and titles. Once a new season starts, each racer is reset to level 0 (zero) and gains a reward with each level increase. Once the maximum season level is reached, you enter an infinity tier where gold users continue to gain levels and get $100,000 Nitro Cash for each level until the next season.


You cannot buy cars or other awards from previous seasons.

What are points?

Points are awarded to each racer after each race to rank racers and teams. The number of points is based on the following algorithm that uses the racer's WPM and accuracy for each race.

(100 + (wpm / 2)) * accuracy

For example, finishing a race with 60WPM and an accuracy of 95% would be (100 + (60 / 2)) * .95, which gives you 123 points for you and your team.

Nitro Type points calculator

Using the following JavaScript Nitro Type point calculator, you can determine how many points you could earn based on your WPM (words per minute) and accuracy. You can also increase the default "1" Races value if you plan to do several races.

WPM: Accuracy: % Races:     Points

For example, if you enter "90" in the WPM box and "95" in Accuracy and then click the equal sign (=) button, you'll get "137" points. If you plan to do 100 races today, changing the "1" in Races to "100" and then clicking the "=" button again gives you "13775" points you'd earn. Remember that doing all races with the same WPM and accuracy is challenging which means the total points will vary.

How can I earn more points in Nitro Type?

To earn more points, race as many games as possible and work on improving your WPM and your accuracy. The higher your WPM and accuracy for each race, the more points you earn for yourself and your team.

What are friends and teams?

Friends on Nitro Type

While playing Nitro Type, you can make friends with other racers by sending them friend requests. If accepted, your friends are shown in the Friends section, allowing you to race against any online friend.


You can have up to 1,000 friends.


If you don't want friend requests, you can ignore all requests in the "My Settings" section.


To remove a friend, click the red boxes with the white X next to each friend in the Friends section.

Teams on Nitro Type

Nitro Type champion symbols for top team and racer.

Anyone can create a team on Nitro Type for $50,000 Nitro Cash. Teams allow up to 50 racers to a group and compete against other teams to get the most points in seven days. If your team gets enough points, they can appear on Top Teams (top 100 teams). If your team reaches the top 50, all members are given a Top 50 Team champion symbol. If your team reaches the top 10, you're shown as a Top 10 Team (shown in the picture). The number 1, 2, and 3 team position members are also shown as a Top 1, 2, and 3 Team.


The team rankings are based only on the past seven days' points. Your team's ranking goes down or up, depending on the last seven days. In other words, it may appear your points are going down if the past seven days are not more than the previous seven days.

It's incredibly competitive for teams to get a Top 100 position, especially the coveted Top 10 positions. If you've formed a team and want a higher position, look at how many races a competitor has done in the Last 24 Hours. For example, if the team in position 100 raced 709 races in the past 24 hours, your team needs 709 races every day to rank in the Top 100.

Nitro Type team with captain and officers in team roster.

Team captain and officers

The person who creates the team is the team captain. They are in charge of the team and have complete control over the team. To help with the team's responsibilities, the captain can assign up to five other teammates as officers. The officer can create a new MotD, invite others to the team, and accept anyone who applies for the team.

How to communicate as a team

The (MotD) "Message of the Day" feature is used to communicate as a team in Nitro Type. The captain and officers update the MotD. All other team members can only interact with the MotD using the provided stickers.


Because of the limited communication methods, many teams create a Discord server. For help, see: How to create or delete a Discord chat server.

How to disband or transfer a Nitro Type team

The people behind Nitro Type rarely maintain inactive teams, which means an inactive team can remain on Nitro Type for years or until the captain leaves the game. To leave your team and join another team, you can disband the team. When you disband, the team is deleted.


You cannot transfer your team to another Nitro Type player. It is also not possible to change the team captain.

How can I join a team?

Any team that sent you an invite appears in the Team section. You can also view the Nitro Type Top Teams to see the top 100 teams on Nitro Type and select a team to join. If a team's enrollment is "Open" and you meet the requirements, click the "Join This Team" red button to join the team immediately. However, if the team has an "Apply" enrollment, you must click the "Apply to Join" button and wait for acceptance or rejection.


If you keep getting team requests but don't want to join any team, you can turn off looking for a team in "My Settings."

What is Gold Membership?

Nitro Gold membership is a yearly membership for $9.99 that removes ads, gives you 20% more Nitro Cash, exclusive gold rewards, and additional season rewards.


You can identify other gold members by their gold nameplates shown during a race. If you have a Gold Membership, it appears red to you to help distinguish your racer from others.

Buying and selling Nitro Type accounts

Some players purchase, sell, and trade Nitro Type accounts with thousands of races. However, because of cheating, the values of many accounts have fallen because it's easy to create new accounts with 30-50 thousand races by cheating.


Older accounts with unique cars can still be valuable to some people.

Cheating on Nitro Type

Unfortunately, like most online competitive games, some players cheat; Nitro Type is no different. Players on Nitro Type cheat by account sharing, botting, sandbagging, and creating macros. Nitro Type bans users detected as cheating and have CAPTCHA's to help prevent some botting. However, looking at the top racers racing 24/7 with hundreds of thousands of races, it becomes apparent that some cheaters continue to cheat.


Nitro Type does not accept support requests of people cheating and instead relies on its anti-cheat system to detect and ban cheaters.

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