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Short for new low profile extended, NLX is a motherboard form factor originally developed by Intel and finalized in March 1997. The NLX motherboard was designed to replace the nonstandard LPX (low profile extension) design and is 9" wide x 13.6" deep maximum to 8" x 10" deep minimum and included the below features.

  • The NLX form factor uses a riser board (backplane), which the motherboard plugs into instead of being on the motherboard. This allowed the motherboard to be removed from the computer without removing all expansion cards. It also supported motherboards that can be removed without using tools.
  • Support for the Pentium II.
  • Support for AGP (accelerated graphics port).
  • Support for USB (universal serial bus).
  • Support for DIMM (dual in-line memory module).
  • Easier access to internal components.

As shown in the picture, this motherboard is easy to identify by its gold backplane connection found at the side of the motherboard. The connector is found on the left side of the motherboard.

NLX motherboard

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