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Noise may refer to any of the following:


1. Noise is any disturbance that interferes with data transmission or communication and corrupts the quality of the signal. Below are examples of where noise can be encountered in data transmission and common causes.

Audio or video signal noise

Degradation in audio and video signals can reduce the overall quality of audio and video. Often noise in audio and video is caused by one or more of the reasons below.

  • Loose connection, verify all your connections are connected correctly.
  • If you have more than wire used for audio or video or other nearby cords or cables, make sure they are separated to prevent crosstalk. Cables with poor shielding can cause noise in any close wiring.
  • Bad cables, try replacing cables.
  • When taking a picture, a grainy or noisy picture can be caused by a high ISO setting.

Electrical signal noise

Electrical or power noise can cause disruption in power causing devices to temporarily not work or permanently fail.

  • To help protect against power spikes, surges, and other line noises, have all your electrical equipment connected to a surge protector.
  • To protect your devices from failing in the event of a power outage, undervoltage, or brownout connect your equipment to a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

Wireless signal noise

Wireless noise or poor connection is often caused by one or more of the causes listed below.

  • Receiver blocked - If the antenna is not set up properly or wireless receiver is blocked, it can cause noise.
  • Out of range - As you get further away from the receiver your signal decreases and can cause noise or lost connection.
  • Other wireless interference - If other wireless devices are around your location these other signals can disrupt your connection.
  • Lower power - If the batteries are failing on the wireless device, it can degrade how much of the signal is being received.

2. Noise can also refer to an audible sound that can be heard.

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