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Note may refer to any of the following:

Illustration of a pencil and a notepad

1. In general, a note is any short piece of writing. For example, someone may create a note with a list of things to do for the day.

On computers, many programs and apps are designed for note-taking and note management. Examples of such programs include Evernote, Google Keep, Notion, OneNote, and Sticky Notes.


For notes on learning more about computers, see: How to learn more about computers.

Note in Excel

2. With Microsoft Excel, a note lets you describe a cells contents. Once a note is made, a red triangle appears in the top-right corner of the cell, as shown in the picture. If the cell is selected, the yellow note is shown.


Microsoft Excel notes are not the same as a comment.

How to create a note in a spreadsheet

To create a note in a Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet right-click the cell and click New Note or Insert note.


Press Ctrl+Shift+O to highlight all comments in a spreadsheet.

3. On an Apple iPhone and iPad, Notes is the default app to take and view text notes. For users familiar with Windows computers, this app is similar to the Notepad program.

4. With music, a note or musical note is a symbol used to represent the pitch and duration of a sound.

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