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NWAM may refer to any of the following:

Typing on a computer keyboard

1. Alternatively referred to as NWPM, which is short for net words per minute, NWAM is short for net words a minute. It is the same as the GWAM (gross words a minute), minus any errors.

For example, if you typed 400 words in five minutes; divide 400 into 5 to get 80 GWAM. If you had errors while typing, it is the number of errors divided by the time you typed. If you made 10 errors your error rate is 2 errors a minute (10 / 5 = 2). To get the final value subtract 2 from 80 to get a 78 NWAM.


The equations used to calculate the NWAM may vary.

2. Short for Network Auto Magic, NWAM is a method of managing network interfaces in Solaris using the nwamcfg command.

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