Updated: 09/12/2023 by Computer Hope
Number ten on a red circle.

The number 10 (ten) is the first double-digit number in the tenth position that follows the number nine. Because there is no double-digit number on a keyboard or calculator, 10 must be created by pressing the numbers 1 and 0.

Uses of "10" with computers

  • When discussing an operating system, "10" can describe Microsoft Windows 10 or macOS X.
  • In binary, "10" represents the number "2."
  • With dates, 10 represents the 10th day or the 10th month (October). The number 10 may also represent the year "2010" if the date is a two-digit number and not a four-digit number. However, if it's a two-digit year, it could also represent "1910" or any other century.

History of the number 10

The Egyptians are believed to have developed a symbol for the number 10 in 3,400 B.C.

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