Office Online

Updated: 11/16/2019 by Computer Hope
Office Online

Initially released as Office Web Apps in 2010, Office Online is a collection of Microsoft Office programs that are simplified and optimized to work with multiple Internet browsers. These changes make the software accessible from any device with a browser and an Internet connection, without the need for installing the software.

Office Online is free to use and allows multiple users to collaborate on the same file simultaneously. To use the service, you must be signed in with a Microsoft account.

Apps included in Office Online

Office Online limitations

Each of the free Office Online apps is a limited version of their full counterparts. They'll give you all of the essential document creation, editing, and formatting that are enough for most people. However, more advanced features, such as mail merge, table of contents, citations, and borders, are not available. More advanced features and access to other programs included in the Microsoft Office suite, such as Microsoft Publisher, require an Office 365 subscription.

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