Updated: 05/03/2022 by Computer Hope

Offline may refer to any of the following:

Offline symbol represented by Wi-Fi signal crossed out

1. A term describing when a connection is broken or disconnected. When a device is offline, it cannot send or receive information through that device. For example, if your printer is turned off, it is considered offline and cannot print anything. A printer may also be offline if it's a network printer and cannot be found, or the data cable connecting the printer is not connected correctly.

Should I use "offline," "off-line," or "off line" in my writing?

Offline should always be one word with no spaces or hyphens.

2. Offline or an offline game is a game play where the player doesn't connect to another computer or server and is only playing with NPCs (non-playing characters). If the game connects to the Internet or another computer and you play with your friends or other people it's considered an online game.

3. Offline describe meeting someone face to face in the real world instead of online or in-game.

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