One-time password

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

USB Security TokenA one-time password, also known as an OTP, is a password that is valid for only a single login. OTPs are commonly used as part of a two-factor authentication system. For instance, when a user logs into a secure network, they may be presented with two prompts: one for a conventional password and the other for an OTP. A one-time password can come from sources including a USB security token (shown right) or a smartphone application.

OTP authentication methods

  • Time synchronization: The login server knows that a one-time password is valid because the USB key generates a random password based on the current time.
  • Previous password: The login server keeps a record of the last password entered by the OTP device and can use this information to validate the current one-time password.
  • Challenge-response: The login server can issue a unique challenge to the USB key, for which there is only one unique response.

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