Online shopping

Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope

The process of searching for and purchasing goods and services over the Internet through the use of a web browser is referred to as online shopping. The main allure of online shopping is that consumers may find and purchase items they need (which are then shipped to their front door) without ever needing to leave the house. Today, almost anything can be purchased through online shopping, amounting to billions of dollars a year in sales.

Who provides online shopping?

Most retail stores also have a website that allows their customers to buy from them online and either ship the items to their home or pick up at a nearby store location. WalMart, Best Buy, Sears, and other retail businesses offer this type of shopping experience.

Some companies only sell products through their website and do not have a retail storefront. For example, Amazon, TigerDirect, and NewEgg conduct their business exclusively online.

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