Updated: 06/30/2019 by Computer Hope

Plug may refer to any of the following:

Power cord connections

1. A plug is a plastic device with one or more metal pins for connecting devices together. For example, a power plug connects a computer power supply to the wall socket (outlet). See our cable page for a full listing of cables and plugs used with computers.

2. With computers, the word "plug" is also used with the following computer-related words.

3. A plug is a mention of an event, place, product, or service by a person or influencer. For example, a person may call into a radio show with thousands of listeners and ask if they can plug their service. If allowed, that plug would let their thousands of listeners know about that service (advertise) and potentially give them hundreds of new customers.

4. In general, when used as a noun, a plug is a description of a physical object that obstructs a hole. For example, a hole (jack) on a laptop could be plugged with gum that prevents a plug from being connected to the laptop. In this example, the "gum" is the plug, and the verb "plugged" is the action of the hole being blocked.