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POD may refer to any of the following:

1. When referring to Perl, POD is short for plain old documentation. It is a simple markup language that allows programmers to add documentation or blocks of comments to their Perl programs. For example, in the below Perl code that prints "Hello World!" Perl ignores the POD at the end of the script. The POD starts with the "=pod" and then ends with "=cut".

#Example of using pod for blocks of comments
print "Hello World!";
Example text part of the pod and is ignored when Perl runs the script.
It can be multiple lines and contain any text and keeps going until 
it sees the cut line.

2. Short for print on demand, POD describes a technique used by publishers who print books based on demand and not on speculation of demand.

3. POD is an abbreviation used for podcast.

4. Computer racing game, POD was one of the first games released that supported Intel's MMX technology and was included with many computers that first shipped with MMX as a demonstration.

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