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Alternatively referred to as an audioblog, a podcast (sometimes abbreviated as pod) is a digital audio broadcast distributed on the Internet. It is often listened to on a computer or downloaded to an MP3 player, such as an iPod. Podcasting is an audio post, often made available in .MP3 format, that can be listened to on any computer or portable audio device capable of playing MP3 files. What makes podcasting unique is the ability to subscribe to someone's podcast and listen to that podcast whenever you want.


Although these files are often referred to as podcasts, they do not require an iPod or the Apple iTunes program. Any program capable of playing an MP3 can play a podcast. However, users using iTunes can find, subscribe, and download hundreds of different online podcasts for free. Another great example of a free and open-source program to listen and subscribe to podcasts is Juice.

Technology related podcasts

Below is a short list of technology and computer-related podcasts we enjoy.

  • Mike Tech Show podcast - A tech podcast hosted by Mike Smith, an IT professional for over the last 25 years that talks about all things relating to technology.
  • Security Now - Computer-related security podcast by Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, and the creator of SpinRite and ShieldsUP.
  • The Force Field - Podcast for IT Service Professionals, VARs, computer shops, and anyone in the technology field, particularly those who offer products and services to end users.
  • The Tech Guy - A show hosted by Leo Laporte that helps with and explains everything relating to technology, computers, and the Internet.
  • This Week in Tech (TWiT) - A great podcast hosted by some of the best-known people in the technology industry. Hosts include Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, John C. Dvorak, and many more. Topics include technology and related news.
  • Windows Weekly - Weekly podcast discussing all things relating to Microsoft and Microsoft Windows with Paul Thurrott and Marry Jo Foley.

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