Pointing device

Updated: 10/30/2017 by Computer Hope
Computer Mouse

A pointing device, or sometimes called a pointing tool, is a hardware input device that allows the user to move the mouse cursor in a computer program or GUI (graphical user interface) operating system. Using a pointing device, you can point at or manipulate any object or text on the screen. For example, using a pointing device you could point at and select an icon from a list of icons.

Examples of pointing devices

Below are examples of pointing devices that can be used on a computer.

What is the most common pointing device?

For desktop computers, the most common pointing device is the computer mouse. For laptop computers, the most common pointing device is the touchpad. Finally, for smartphones and tablets, the most common pointing devices is your finger on a touch screen.

Why is a mouse called a pointing device?

A mouse is called a pointing device because using it lets you move the mouse cursor and point to anything on the screen.

Why are pointing devices input devices?

Pointing devices send information (axis pointer information) to the computer and do not receive any information from the computer which makes them input devices.

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