Updated: 11/18/2022 by Computer Hope

Press may refer to any of the following:

Finger pressing down on the enter key of a computer keyboard.

1. As a verb, press is applying a small force using your finger to activate or interact with something. For example, when you want to type on your keyboard, you press down on a key. To click a mouse, you press down on one of its buttons. When you want to power on your computer, you press the power button.


When using a touch screen, you generally tap to interact with it. However, there are certain gestures that utilize a long press for additional functionality.


Those with disabilities may not be able to use their fingers to press an object and instead may use other parts of their arms, toes, legs, or even their tongue.

2. When describing a CD, DVD, or another disc, press describes the action of making an optical disc. To make thousands of discs, a machine presses the pits into the disc that allow it to be read. This method is faster than burning a disc, which home users utilize to create a disc.

3. The press is composed of individuals who are paid or volunteer to investigate, document, and report events.

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