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A prompt may refer to any of the following:

C: prompt

1. A prompt is text or symbols used to represent the system's readiness to perform the next command. A prompt may also be a text representation of where the user is currently. For example, an MS-DOS prompt or Windows command prompt may look like the example below.


This prompt indicates the user is currently in the windows directory on the C drive, and the computer is ready to accept commands.

2. A prompt may also refer to a message or window that appears, alerting the user or asking for a confirmation. Below is a basic example of this prompt asking if the user wants to continue. Pressing Y or typing Yes would continue performing the action.

Are you sure you want to continue? (Yes/No)

Using JavaScript, you can enter anything into the below box and click the Prompt button to create a prompt with that text in your browser window.

3. In an FTP session, prompt is a command that enables and disables the FTP prompt. See the following link for information about prompt and other FTP commands.

4. With AI (artificial intelligence) tools like ChatGPT, a prompt, prompting, or prompt engineering describes knowing how to give an AI a request. See our prompt engineering page for further information.

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