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Punctuation marks

Punctuation or punctuation marks are typographic symbols that help separate, clarify, and emphasize written text. For example, the two statements "eats shoots and leaves" and "eats, shoots, and leaves" have the same words but are read differently when commas are added.

List of punctuation marks

Below are all the punctuation marks, in alphabetical order, used in writing. Clicking any of the following links also gives you further information about how the punctuation is used, it's location on a keyboard, and other related help.

Punctuation Name Other Names
<> Angle brackets greater than and less than
' Apostrophe single quote
` Back quote acute, backtick, left quote, and open quote
{} Braces close brace, curly brackets, flower brackets, open brace, and squiggly brackets
[] Brackets close bracket, open bracket, and square brackets
: Colon  
, Comma  
... Ellipsis Ellipses
Em dash  
En dash  
! Exclamation mark bang and exclamation point
- Hyphen dash, subtract, negative, and minus sign
? Question mark  
" Quotation mark double quote, inverted commas, and quote
() Parentheses close parenthesis, open parenthesis, and parenthesis
. Period dot and full stop
Prime double prime and single prime
; Semicolon  
/ Slash Forward slash, oblique, and whack

How do I check if I've punctuated correctly?

Use a grammar checker to verify that punctuation like periods and commas are properly used.

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