Push e-mail

Updated: 12/31/2022 by Computer Hope

Push e-mail is a term for any e-mail system that actively transfers new e-mail to the client. Unlike a "polling" e-mail system, where the client must ask the server if its received new e-mails, a push e-mail system delivers e-mail to the client when they are received.

Devices and systems that provide push e-mail capability include:

System/device Push e-mail capabilities
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Support for push e-mail via Windows Live Hotmail, iCloud, and Microsoft Exchange.
Android Support for push e-mail via Google Cloud Messaging, and Microsoft Exchange.
BlackBerry Push e-mail functionality when connected to BlackBerry Exchange Server.
Windows Mobile, Windows Phone Push e-mail support beginning with Windows Mobile 2003, using a "simulated" push e-mail system called Direct Push Technology.
BlacMail A push e-mail solution from Fifth C, Inc., supporting all major smartphones.
Helio Ocean An "ultimate inbox" e-mail solution which supports Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, and Gmail.
Nokia Symbian Series 60 Limited support for push e-mail, depending on Nokia device version.
Nokia Mail for Exchange Select Nokia smartphones are compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server's ActiveSync technology.
Palm OS (operating system) Palm smartphones may use push e-mail functionality by use of third-party software ChatterEmail.
Palm WebOS Palm Pre devices running Palm WebOS support push e-mail for Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, and most IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) e-mail accounts.
Peek Mail Peek Mail is a service offered by Peek, Inc. for push mail functions using Windows Live Hotmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Microsoft Exchange.

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