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quarter inch cartridge

Short for quarter-inch cartridge, QIC was created in 1983 as a low-cost magnetic data tape storage used for backing up data and was the first tape drive standard. Although some QIC disks and drives are compatible, verify the compatibility with the manufacturer before purchasing a QIC tape or drive. QIC disks are available in various sizes; however, they are commonly 40 MB to 25 GB.

Many computers and some servers utilized the QIC-40 and QIC-80 to replace of the floppy disk drive and are commonly connected to the floppy controller. QIC is commonly labeled as QIC-XXXX-XX, where the first four Xs (but there could be two or three) may be a number used to identify the tape. These numbers usually indicate the size of the tape, but not always.

Below is a listing of commonly used QIC tapes and their capacity.

Tape Capacity Tape Capacity
QIC-24-DC 60 MB QIC-3010-MC 340 MB
QIC-40-MC 40 MB QIC-3020-MC 680 MB
QIC-80-MC 80 MB QIC-3040-MC 1 GB
QIC-120-MC 120 MB QIC-3080-MC 1.6 GB
QIC-525-DC 525 MB QIC-3095-MC 4 GB
QIC-1000-DC 1.01 GB QIC-3210-MC 2.3 GB
QIC-1350-DC 1.35 GB QIC-3220-MC 10 GB
QIC-2100-MC 2.1 GB

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